The purpose of the regulation is to better serve the campers. Your entry and stay at the Camping means the automatic acceptance of the following conditions:

  1. The entrance to the Camping is through the Reception which operates every day from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  2. When entering the Camping, campers must hand over their passports or IDs, which remain at Reception until each camper’s departure.
  3. The campsite location is determined by Reception.
  4. Departures will take place until 12:00. After 12:00 a two-day rate will be charged in case of a longer stay at the campsite.
  5. It is forbidden to light fires in the Camping area as well as on the beach. For cooking You must use the specially designed camping areas.
  6. Keep all areas clean & use the special waste containers. Respect nature & don’t harm trees & plants by pouring dirty water on them.
  7. For any case where the movement of vehicles within the Camping is necessary, their speed must not exceed 5km/h.
  8. It is forbidden to enter – exit and the movement of vehicles inside the Camping after 01:00 o’clock. If you return after 01:00 You will park in the outside parking lot of the Camping and You will enter on foot.
  9. Common quiet hours are from 01:00pm to 07:00pm.
  10. Any change in the number of people must be reported immediately to Reception. Each new person will be charged extra.
  11. Damages caused by the fault of the camper or his guests to the Camping facilities or equipment are the sole responsibility of the campers.
  12. Garbage of any kind is only thrown into the garbage containers after being sealed in bags.
  13. Campers are responsible for the cleanliness of their space.
  14. It is strictly forbidden to make any intervention – addition, which alters the image of the Camping, both on the camping area and on the camping equipment, such as the construction of a roof, fencing, barbecue warehouses or any other construction, regardless of texture and materials.
  15. The electricity supply is exclusively for lighting – radio – TV – fridge. The use of AC / electric stoves – coffee makers – microwave ovens is done after consultation with the reception.
  16. Animal-loving campers are responsible for any animals they may have with them, which are not allowed to roam freely or swim in the bathing area.
  17. It is forbidden to intervene in network facilities, e.g. water supply, irrigation, etc.
  18. The use of air guns and any kind of launching devices is strictly prohibited.
  19. Camping is not responsible in case of loss due to theft or damage of any item. Campers are required to store their own belongings.
  20. The management bears no responsibility in the event of fire – Theominia or acts of terrorism.
  21. Management has the right to remove campers or visitors who will not respect the unit’s operating rules.
  22. It is forbidden to support tents with other than traditional means of support.

We wish you a pleasant stay

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