The purpose of the regulation is the better service towards the campers. Your entrance and stay in the camping means that you automatically accept the following terms:

  1. Entrance to the camping happens through the reception, which operates on a daily basis from 8:00am until 24:00pm.
  2. During your entrance to the camping all campers are obliged to leave their passports / ID cards at the rececption desk, where they will reside until the camper leaves the camping.
  3. Reception defines the locations of camping.
  4. Departures must happen before 12.00. After 12:00am we will charge the price of daily use in case the camper stays further in the camping area.
  5. It is forbidden to light fires at the Camping place as well as the beach.. There are special areas in the camping that you can use for cooking.
  6. Keep all areas clean & use the special garbage bins. Respect nature & don’t damage the trees & by throwing contaminated water on them.
  7. In the case that there is necessary to move with your vehicle inside the Camping area, their speed must not be over 5 km/h.
  8. Vehicles are forbidden to enter or exit the Camping area after 01:00am. If you wish to return after 01:00, park in the Camping’s external parking area and enter on foot.
  9. Quiet hours are from 01:ΟΟam until 07:ΟΟam.
  10. Every change in the number of people must be immediately declared at the receptions. Every new person will be charged extra.
  11. Damage that is caused by the fault of the campers or visitors in the facilities/appliances of the camping, are the exclusive responsibility of the campers.
  12. Garbage of any kind will be thrown in the garbage bins only after they are sealed in bags.
  13. The campers are responsible for the clean state of their area.
  14. It is strictly forbidden to interfere in any kind of way that changes the image of the Camping,by adding or changing something, both in the camping areas and on top of the camping mean,(building a roof, fence,barbecue storage, or any other construction, regardless of texture and materials).
  15. H the provision of electricity is exclusively for lighting , radio, TV, fridge. The use of A/C units/ electric stoves – coffee machines – microwave ovens can be allowed after consulting with the reception.
  16. Animal friends campers are responsible for the animals they might have brought with them, which in turn are not allowed to walk around free or swim in the area for the swimmers.
  17. It is forbidden to interfere with the facility installations networks e.g. water, sewage etc.
  18. It is strictly forbidden to use airguns or any other kind of launching devices.
  19. The camping is not responsible in case of loss or theft or damage of any object. The campers are obliged to mind their personal belongings.
  20. The management does not have any kind of responsibility in case of fire – natural disaster – or terrorist acts.
  21. The management has the right to send off any campers or visitors that dont respect the camping operational regulation.
  22. It is forbidden to support tents with other kinds of support apart from the traditional means.

We wish you a pleasant stay,

Camping Management